December 2017

The little e-book we published year before last is being presented at the IACBE National Convention in April.  I presented it to the regional conference in October, and they liked it so much they asked me to do a formal proposal to present at the national conference, which I accepted.

Dr. Christi Sanders, SPHR

August 2016

Dr. Lentz–

Thanks again for the superb editing support, suggested changes, and advice. 

Although challenging, I enjoyed this stage of the journey, as it was a reminder of the rigorous nature of scholarly writing and research. 

I look forward to your support once the last two chapters are put together or whether I run into any further issues within the current stage. 

Nevertheless, I am very thankful for your expeditious, detailed, and remarkable review.  It truly made a difference.

All the best, V/R, Felix Santiago

July 2016

Hi Dr. Lentz,

Thanks for your prompt response. We did it, I’m stoked! I am proud to report that with the help of your feedback and editing service the school has approved my dissertation! My mentor attributed the quality of the editing service that you provided as an attributing factor for the approval and for this I thank you.

I do sincerely appreciate your contributions and the positive impact it has had on dissertation.


Robert Blaise


May 2016

Dr. Lentz was quite literally an academic life-saver for me!  I had an awful experience with a previous dissertation editor that left me discouraged and desperate.  When I explained my predicament to my Professor she recommended Dr. Lentz.  Joy ensued from there on in!   My project required a great deal of overhaul and direction and this was a great lesson in humility –  Dr. Lentz’s comments page after page were filled with kindness as well as critique.  Dr. Lentz’s first call to me after reading my project began with, “Let’s take a deep breath here…”  We were then able to begin the process and work together to move my project to a version that flew through committee review and defense.  I certainly did not believe Dr. Lentz when I was in the midst of panic over never finishing, when she said: “you’ll get through this and the title of Doctor will never get old.”  I now have the lovely letters behind my name to reinforce the fact that Dr. Mom is a pretty cool title and I am confident it will never “get old.”  My highest recommendation to anyone in need of editorial assistance!

Rose Whitcomb, Psy.D, LPC, CEAP

BNSF Employee Assistance Regional Manager

Springfield Division

Lexington Ave. Springfield, MO  65802


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